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7 secrets of cooking in a ceramic pot

Food cooked in a ceramic pot acquires a special unique taste and aroma. But not all housewives know how to cook in this pot.

Despite the large number of new-fangled novelties, ceramic dishes are in demand, and no wonder because it is difficult to find a more environmentally friendly material for the manufacture of tableware than clay! After all, clay is not oxidized and does not release into the cooked food any impurities and volatile compounds little useful.

How to cook in a ceramic pot

Making stews and baked pans is ideal for the oven, as they won’t burn and keep food nice and juicy.

  • Before putting food into a ceramic pot, you should put it in a container of water for ten minutes. Ceramic has a porous structure and is able to absorb moisture, turning it during cooking into steam and then condensation, which will flow into the dish, making it more juicy.
  • Also, soaking in water will also prevent the pan from soaking up the smell of the food cooking in it.
  • A ceramic pot should not be used for cooking on an open fire, gas or electric stove. Ceramic cookware risks cracking instantly from uneven heating.
  • It is also not recommended to create sudden temperature changes, e.g. pouring cold water into a hot ceramic pot and vice versa, or putting the pot into a heated oven.
  • There are heat-resistant ceramic pots, which, as the manufacturers point out, can be placed in microwave ovens, electric stoves, and even on an open fire, but in order to make such a pot last longer, it is also necessary to avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • Before you place the pot on the heat source it should first be slightly heated in the oven. If cooking on a gas stove is planned, it is better to use a flame spreader, thanks to which the heat will be evenly distributed across the bottom of the pot.
  • Also, for cooking on gas and electric stoves, it is advisable to use pots with a round bottom, as heat-resistant cookware oval or rectangular shape may burst.

A great advantage of ceramic is that it is very beautiful and the food cooked in it can be served on the table without taking it out of the pot.