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Interesting about tableware and ceramics

How do you recognize good cookware?

It seems to be a small thing, but the design of tableware is not only decorative, but it can also influence our sensory experience when we eat, hence the importance of choosing a model adapted to our needs and tastes.

From the material to the size and shape of the tableware, it is important to consider its functionality, as well as our eating habits, to ensure adequate nutrition.

Below we will tell you how to choose the perfect cookware and some trends .
There are several points to consider when choosing cookware.


When choosing the perfect cookware, it is important to think about the material, as this will depend on the lifestyle you lead . There are materials that are more resistant to heat and scratches, so we share the benefits of each:

Chinese porcelain.

Made from at least 45% animal bone ash, feldspar and kaolin. It is an elegant, translucent, white, lightweight and very durable ware. Among its advantages, it never cracks or delaminates, although it is expensive and not resistant to falls.


Made from kaolin, feldspar and quartz, it has greater strength and durability. Among its advantages is resistance to heat shock, making it ideal for use in the oven at the table, but it is a delicate material when dropped.

Vine or ceramic.

Made from clay and clay, its advantage is that it is much cheaper, although it is not recommended because it is a heavy material, so it is recommended if you have young children at home, given its resistance.


Tableware made of clay, silica and cooked feldspar, its advantage is that it is very strong, very hard and withstands thermal shocks well. Being cheaper than porcelain and more durable than earthenware, it is more recommended in the domestic sphere.


Made from petroleum products, this material is very lightweight, durable and virtually unbreakable. It has the advantage that it can be shaped in ways that porcelain or earthenware cannot, but it tends to lose its luster with each wash.


The size of the dinnerware is another important element when choosing dinnerware, as it varies depending on the function it is assigned. While traditional plates are usually between 25 and 28 centimeters in diameter, it is increasingly common to find dinnerware with larger plates. However, the most important thing is to consider the volume of your typical meal so that the plate does not leave too much room.


Just as the material and size of utensils affect the sensory experience when eating, colors play a key role in our eating habits. For example, blue acts as a natural appetite suppressant, so it’s ideal if you want to limit the amount of food you eat. Conversely, if you need to eat more than usual, warm tones such as orange, yellow or red are best.


It is not only the size of the dinnerware that is important, but also the number of items in the dinnerware that affects our decision. Considering how many plates, glasses, glasses and cutlery we need, it is important that we do not have too many or not enough when meeting with family and friends.


The style of dinnerware reflects the personality of the people who use it, so there are different styles. The understated style is characterized by white and no embellishments, while the colorful ones reflect a youthful and bold style. Also, details with details reflect the importance of art and design.


Finally, knowing the occasion in which the dinnerware will be used is important for making the right choice. Dinnerware for everyday use is different from dinnerware for special occasions or important moments of the year, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. While tempered glass or ceramic is perfect for everyday use, porcelain is a favorite for special occasions.

What are the strongest trends in tableware in 2023?

Although there are different trends, tableware usually matches the colors and patterns used in interior design. Some of the most common in 2023 are:

  • Classic or minimalist white
  • A combination of black and white
  • Pastel tones
  • The color of earth and wood

How to choose good cookware

Thinking of upgrading your cookware ? There are so many options on the market that choosing the right cookware for your home can be a challenge.

1. Size

In general, plate size is a factor we don’t usually consider, and yet it can be very important. Regular plates are usually between 25 and 28 centimeters in diameter, but it is increasingly common to find slightly larger plates that may not fit in cabinets.

This is also important when washing dishes, as it can be difficult to place them in the dishwasher without hitting the fan. Or very deep dishes that make the job of placing them using each of the slots designated for them difficult.

Also, the size of the plates can affect the amount of food you serve on them, as by inertia we tend to fill the plates.

2. Color

Another thing to consider when choosing dishes is the color. Usually white is chosen because of its versatility, and it is all the same model, although more and more different models and a variety of colors are being introduced.

3. material.

When you think about choosing cookware, you have to keep in mind what your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle is like. Cookware will be used three times a day, so it is important to choose quality, durable and easy-to-clean cookware.

Ceramic, porcelain and earthenware are the most common materials, but you can also find them in melamine and other glassy materials mixed with various alloys.

Porcelain is a compact material and of great hardness. Their main disadvantage is that they will shatter into a thousand pieces from a light blow. Earthenware is more durable and cheaper, so it is positioned as an ideal option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on cookware or are going to use it intensively.

If you’re looking for cookware that will stay the same for years to come, glassware is a good option. Tempered glass cookware is shatterproof and withstands temperature shocks well.

4. What are you going to cook?

Tableware is a delicate product that can enhance the image of a dish. It’s a fact that ” we eat with our eyes “, so in addition to cooking 10, it should be presented in a perfect dish that accentuates its color and texture, avoiding the detachment from the food. Be inspired by Spain’s best dishes to surprise your guests.

If you plan to use the dishes for years to come, it’s worth spending a little more so they can withstand your family’s daily activities. If you have children at home, we recommend you choose impact-resistant dinnerware such as porcelain or clay, because they’re sure to break into a thousand pieces. It’s also frustrating to have a plate break and permanently incomplete utensils.