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Interesting about tableware and ceramics

Why are ceramics so popular these days? Let’s find out how it happened and why it’s great

Products made from ceramics are environmentally friendly. This is very much appreciated nowadays. It is possible to create any unique form – dishes, various decorations, interior items. There are no boundaries. And that’s stylish. And also, ceramics have a huge history.

Let’s start with the history

Ceramics – clay, and the first artificial material, obtained by man from natural raw materials about 30,000 years ago. The technology of making ceramic products has evolved from the simplest hand modeling and the first mechanism – the potter’s wheel, to modern extrusion machines and presses, as well as ceramic 3D printers.

Ceramics, in the narrow sense, means clay that has been fired. Fired clay is used to make everyday objects, kitchenware or decorative items. During the firing process, the material changes its color and becomes durable. Deposits of clay with different chemical composition can be found all over the world. Many historical scholars believe that ceramics may be the first man-made material. Ceramic production is among the most ancient on earth. This means that the history of ceramics goes back to ancient times. Originally, pottery was made entirely by hand. It wasn’t until about 5,000 years ago that the potter’s wheel appeared. This made it much easier and faster.

How pottery evolves now

Now you can see a huge number of ceramists who make their products using a variety of techniques. On Instagram you can find a lot of works by both Russian and foreign artists and sculptors. Now it has become very popular to participate in collaborations with famous brands. For example, Acne Studios actively cooperates with ceramists such as Apollinaria Broche, Grant Levy-Lucero, Bettunika for not the first year. And it can not but rejoice, because it gives artists new opportunities, and brands to add new colors to their collections.

So why such a boom in ceramics can be seen in the last couple of years?

A new fashion trend. It is already safe to say that the world is obsessed with ceramic products. Although artists like Pablo Picasso made a lot of ceramic vases and dishes, but now ceramics began to be seen as something more. They are not just decorative objects that can only stand in the interior, but now it is also perceived as strong art objects, also there are ceramic decorations, things for the interior. Ceramics have become one of the most popular hobbies. Clay is used as a material in contemporary art.

Where do artists get their ideas from?

You need to read a lot, travel, be curious and observant. And also to communicate and meet new people, which will also inspire you to make new discoveries. Only by communicating and learning something new, by getting emotions, any kind of emotions, even negative ones, can we make something extraordinary.