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Interesting about tableware and ceramics

Dishes… How does it affect appetite?

“We are what we eat,” our ancestors used to say. But the Japanese, for example, believe that the most important thing in a person’s life is not only what he eats, but also how he eats!

Psychologists have found a thin correlation between the influence of cutlery and tableware on appetite. The fact is that a person’s perception of different color schemes can affect their emotional state in different ways. This is the nature of the body and there’s nothing we can do about it. The only thing is to choose the right colors for plates, cups and other elements of the table service.

Color can change many things

The connoisseurs of ancient traditions assert that the laying of the table has a magic effect on those who are sitting at it. And the main role in this is played by the color of tableware. The main thing is to keep the right color balance and to use such tableware that will be able at any given moment to warm the soul and create comfort and warmth in the house.

So which color should you choose? – White, red, blue or blue? Or maybe green?

In the soul of flaming passions or former romantic relationships breathed a breath of fresh air? You want spicy feelings, and that means red plates will come to the table.

Lack of high feelings – get pink or blue plates. But one BUT! The color blue is ideal for salad bowls, but not for tea sets. Psychologists argue that this shade is a harbinger of quarrels at a tea party.

The burgundy kitchen utensils represent wisdom and experience.

You feel that you have lost your strength – drowsiness, weakness, depression. You just need to keep the energy as long as possible, so – set the table with dishes in dark colors, because the dark color is able to store energy. You can also store energy by using green colored plates in the kitchen.

The color also affects digestion.

If you are on a diet or, conversely, are dreaming of a more rounded shape, then you should pay attention to the color of kitchen utensils.

For example, bright sunny colors (red, yellow, orange and light brown) stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and thereby awaken your appetite. So if you have absolutely no desire to eat and you simply can not look at food, put something tasty on a yellow or orange plate. Your hunger will wake up!

Pastel colors (pink, gray, beige, peach) also actively increase appetite and cause a desire to eat an extra portion. For example, soup in a bowl of the color of melted milk looks the most appetizing. And in general, bright dishes give any dish an attractive look, full of personality of the chef and the isolation of this bouquet of flavors.

But the cold tones (blue, lilac) are the most “inedible”. They perfectly suppress the feeling of hunger. So if you want to lose weight, buy a set in lilac!

Certainly, there is no need to put too much emphasis on the question concerning the color of tableware, but nevertheless, this should not be neglected.

From the pages of history

In ancient times, the color designated each of the four elements:
Passionate red, fire,
calm blue, air,
…deep black, earth..,
innocent white water.

Therefore, the color of dishes – also not a trifle. Thus, if you are weak in temperament choose tableware in red, lacking solidity – brown and black plates, want novelty and sincerity – surround yourself with white, and if you dream about the flight of ideas, creativity and imagination – go ahead and buy a blue or orange service!

From circle to square – the shape of tableware is also very important! The magical qualities of food depend a great deal on it.

For example, round tableware concentrates energy better and protects food from the influence of negative currents.

A square dish makes its owner tougher and more determined. So, if you are a timid person by nature, this is the right dish to eat out of.

However, sharp corners of dishes are contraindicated to persons with a strong temper, because they can reinforce their hard sides. But in order to “pepper” relationships, to spice them up, sets with sharp corners are indispensable. Even an ordinary slice of fresh cucumber, served on a dish like this, will “hit” in the head better than any champagne.

And you are to decide what you prefer! And here is our advice – for personal harmony it is nice to keep the color balance: to put in a row of dishes of all colors.