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How to remove stickers and labels from ceramic tableware

Household tips for removing annoying stickers and labels from ceramic cookware

Who doesn’t know that? Finally The ceramic cookware you ordered has arrived and you open your package full of anticipation, and the cups and plates have annoying but also necessary labels. We would not want barcodes and labels on our ceramic tableware , unfortunately, without such labels it is impossible to have successful warehouse logistics. in the future to use

That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips for you to help you quickly remove stickers and labels from your stoneware.

  • Remove the sticker with heat: you can aim a hair dryer at the area for a few minutes or soak the ceramic ware in hot water for 10 minutes to loosen the sticker.
  • Remove the stickers with detergent and hot water: just let soak and remove the stickers.
  • With nail polish remover, alcohol or vinegar: also let soak and remove the sticker. But be careful, you should not use this method on other products that react to solvents (like wood).
  • Use tape to remove sticker residue: you may have small residues left over. You can easily remove them with tape instead of using your fingers.