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Interesting about tableware and ceramics


Earthenware tableware – only your creativity sets the limits.

Earthenware is very trendy and remains one of the most popular tableware set trends. Earthenware dinnerware was invented back in the early 18th century in what is now the United Kingdom. It belongs to the class of ceramic products and is made of clay, quartz, feldspar and other natural minerals. Earthenware tableware comes in all imaginable designs and combinations. There are no limits to your design and combination possibilities.

From classic to modern – your style.

The eye eats with you! This applies not only to the attractively designed food, but also to your tableware set. What good is a creative meal, beautifully arranged, if your plates, your cups and your tableware do not support your staging? Stoneware dinnerware comes in styles from classic to modern. It’s timelessly beautiful and accentuates your creation. But don’t worry. Glazed stoneware is built to last: easy to clean and dishwasher safe, too!

But earthenware – what is it anyway?

That it comes from England, we already know. But how is earthenware tableware made? From quartz, clay and feldspar and other minerals, your earthenware tableware is fired in a kiln in the range of 950 to 1300 degrees. Basically, stoneware dinnerware is more vulnerable due to the rather low firing temperature. However, through finishing techniques such as glaze firing, earthenware is given the same durability as traditional ceramics. Unlike other dinnerware classes, earthenware stands out for its special color fastness. An investment that pays off for a long time with proper care!

The tips for your stoneware tableware:

  • Care for it. Remove coarse dirt by hand and select the gentle program in the dishwasher – not over 60° C!
  • Do not use aggressive cleaners. Use cleaning agents on biological basis.
  • Ensure sufficient drying. Especially with unglazed stoneware dishes you have to pay attention to a gentle drying. Therefore, let the dishes dry in the fresh air and not in a closed dishwasher.