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The Best Porcelain and Ceramic Dinner Plates 2023: Top 5

What is a dinner plate and what is its role in laying the table? By the way, under this definition are plates of various shapes and sizes. It is no coincidence that serving is an art, because properly selected dishes create a special mood during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It makes it possible to serve food effectively, taking into account even the influence of color on the appetite.

What is a dinner plate

Dinner plates are also called dinner plates. It is a versatile utensil for serving second courses and snacks with a diameter of 24-32 cm. According to the form, dinner plates are most often round and oval, with or without sides.

As for materials, the tableware is usually made of earthenware, porcelain, ceramic or semipermanufactured porcelain, which is burned to incomplete sintering. In trend now and products made of tempered, impact, opal glass, porcelain and glass ceramic. Plates made of wood (eco-style does not go out of style) are suitable only for serving bread, cakes, pizza and cheese.

Top 5 best dinner plates

Le Creuset Stoneware Dinner Plate, 27 cm, Shell Pink

This elegant plate by the French brand Le Creuset, which has done so much to promote culinary tradition in Europe, is made of non-porous ceramic (stoneware) and coated with a transparent glaze. Thanks to this production technology the dishes do not crack or scratch from the cutlery.

Although the plate is flat, it has a small rim with raised lines. In the decoration was used the effect of ombré, which is a smooth transition of soft pink shades into the pink-white. This gives dishes a special charm and sophistication, despite the apparent simplicity of design.

Le Creuset tableware is particularly durable, so it withstands machine washing perfectly and can be used in the microwave, oven and freezer.

Maxwell & Williams Porcelain Dinner Plate Caviar, 27.5 cm, black

Australian company Maxwell & Williams is known around the world as a manufacturer of designer tableware, so the flat black handmade porcelain dinner plate seems very unusual. It is part of the Caviar collection of ultra-modern tableware covered in a textured glaze. To the touch, the surface is slightly grainy and resembles black caviar.

In the same collection there is ash-colored tableware with black inclusions and smooth surface. In serving it can be effectively combined with dark tableware. Nowadays these are the most widespread and fashionable plates in the table setting.

Porcelain is a durable material which will last a very long time with proper care. The plate is not afraid of the dishwasher and microwave oven, it can withstand high temperatures well, retaining its noble matte luster.

Porcelain Dinner Plate Sailboat from the collection “Butterflies in the Meadow” by Lenox, 27.5 cm

The U.S. brand Lenox is a great example of how making tableware becomes art. Flat porcelain plate with wavy edges from Butterfly Meadow collection is decorated with flowers, bumblebees and butterflies in a delicate palette of lilac, greenish, yellow, beige and light brown tones.

This is the idea of the English artist and designer of Lenox Louise Le Lauer who was inspired by the beauty of a summer meadow and expressed her delight in decorating porcelain. The drawing came out light, warm and sunny.

When beautiful plates are also practical, they are priceless. The dishes perfectly retain the heat of cooked food and are highly resistant to wear. It can be washed in the machine or heated in the microwave oven.

Royal Worcester’s porcelain dinner plate Mice, 27 cm

The snow-white porcelain dinner plate from Britain’s oldest Roy-al Worcester brand, founded in the mid-18th century, resembles a watercolor painting with charming mice on garden poppies. The author of the drawing is the artist Hannah Dale, who is in love with quiet English villages with their provincial coloring and has created a unique series of animal drawings Wrendale Designs for the decoration of tableware.

The dinner plate with funny mice adds a pastoral touch to the table setting and fits perfectly into the country and Provence style. Dishes from this collection can be used for children’s parties, picnics or hosting guests at the country house in the bosom of nature.

Thanks to its durability, Royal Worcester porcelain is suitable for everyday use and feels good in the dishwasher and microwave.

Easy Life Capri Dinner Plate, 26.5 cm

The flat white plate from Italian brand Easy Life is a true embodiment of Mediterranean style. The yellow-blue-green palette, appetizing lemons and complex ornaments with lush southern vegetation create a sunny summer mood and help you fall in love with life even more!

The plate with bright and juicy decor on white background from “Capri” collection will be an accent in table serving and will fill the atmosphere with peace and harmony. Such tableware will be appreciated by the lovers of all things Italian.

Covered with glaze which protects the plate from mechanical damages. Even over the years, it retains its beauty and novelty, remaining a standard of beauty and elegance. You can safely use it in the dishwasher and microwave oven